Property Management


We at Jesse Turner Realty, Inc. strive for customer satisfaction through an organized and detailed orientated property management system that is customized to each property. Very thorough tenant screenings put in place by our company are offered with quality customer service is what we at believe is the key to property management.


By outlining clear rules and regulations along with good customer service, this tends to minimize any issues that may come up when renting a property. We treat each property as if it is our own. We do everything we can to ensure an easy management/ rental transaction with proficiency. And to make certain of occupying your home I utilize current marketing trends and make your property available to thousands of potential clients daily.



Some tips I have for you as a Landlord would be:


-Be careful when renting to friends or relatives since they can make it difficult if problems or disagreements regrettably come up.

-Keep ALL your paperwork

-Make sure that when hiring a property manager they offer great customer service.


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